Language Interpreters & Translators

Whether you are looking for court interpreters, conference interpreters, or someone to offer multilingual support for an important meeting, blitranslations' comprehensive language interpreter service can help. We provide experienced language interpreters and translators for conferences, meetings, depositions and trials as well as industry-specific interpreting assignments. We offer both consecutive and simultaneous language interpretation services.

Simultaneous interpreting is used for messages that need to be transmitted while individuals are speaking. It involves a team of interpreters communicating via the specialized electronic equipment we provide. Consecutive interpreting is a form of interpreting in which the speakers and the language interpreters alternate speaking. No equipment other than a microphone is typically used in this case. blitranslations' expert team of language service professionals will assist you in determining how to best meet your needs. We have the capacity to guarantee professional, personalized service for any setting, from the court room to the board room, and beyond.